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MediaCom is The Content and Connections Agency.

And while our tools, systems and processes are among the best anywhere, we know that they count for nothing without the best people bringing them to life.

Afternoon at Sea 1


Whenever someone walks through our doors for the first time, the reaction is the same: this doesn't look like a media agency.

And while it's true that our office space - with its funky architecture, bursts of color and open plan - may look more like a creative shop or the newest start-up, what makes us really special goes way deeper than that.

That's because we hire people who want to design and deliver experiences, not media choices. Unconventional hires from outside the industry shake up our thinking, helping us tell better stories and innovate more often. And we put a premium on a diverse workforce: our U.S. staff is 59% female and 33% multicultural.

Of course, not only do we hire the best people anywhere, but we make sure they have the tools and training to take their skills to the next level. Besides our storytelling courses, our recently launched MediaCom University has hundreds of classes that range from advanced media instruction to software tutorials and lessons on anything from management to public speaking.

Our buddy and mentorship programs help new hires get acclimated and grow their networks, while sabbatical and global mobility opportunities allow employees to trial different departments and experience other offices within our network. Guest speakers are regularly brought in, with our insights team hosting panels on different consumer segments with experts from Univision, Logo and more.

We remember to have fun, whether to celebrate a win or just because (this is advertising, isn't it?). And we recognize, too, that we live in a larger world, with our MediaCom Gives Back committee driving a number of volunteer and service opportunities throughout the year.

Our "culture" isn't defined by a few one-off efforts by our HR team. It's a full team effort, with everyone chipping in… And when it really comes down to it, it feels human to work at MediaCom. We don't have to tell people they can do anything they set their minds to: it just feels that way to be here.

And that's pretty refreshing.