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Monday, 26/09/16

MediaCom's Tamara Alesi named Advertising Age Media Maven for 2016

From Megyn Kelly to Sam Dolnick to Keith Cartwright to Samantha Bee, these are the media players making big moves.

Tamara Alesi has been in media more than 18 years, with stops that included running Apple's digital assignment at OMD. But her impact in less than a year since joining MediaCom USA as managing partner-head of digital strategy has been perhaps her most noticeable yet.

Ms. Alesi, 41, said she made the jump partly because she was drawn by MediaCom USA CEO Sasha Savic's focus "on content and connections" beyond just what's commonly called "media." She quickly helped bring Revlon's "Love Is On" campaign to life with "Love Test," a film from Tatia Pilieva to capture couples talking about their relationships and improving them with a daily beauty ritual. She's helped improve Revlon's client rating of MediaCom by 33% in six months and bring the brand to dollar-share growth for the first time in a decade.

With Subway, another client, she's helped boost agency revenue and bring some measurable media success with a program that included using Foursquare to measure impact of digital ads on foot traffic.

What's your must-have media property of the moment? My phone is my bible. I do everything through it. My favorite apps are Venmo mobile wallet, Pinterest and Foursquare.

How do you rate the media coverage of election 2016? First, I'm with her. Second, I think John Oliver and Bill Maher are the only good things to come out of the 2016 election.

Do you use an ad blocker? Absolutely not. I actually like ads. I love what I do.

What will be the hottest thing in media in 2017? Messaging. Consumers are leaning into brands. They want you to be relevant to them. They want you to have a one-to-one communication.

Who's your favorite follow in social media? John Durham, managing general partner of strategy firm Catalyst, on Facebook or @durham200 on Instagram. He's a mentor to me and someone I've followed in business a long time.


Profile by Jack Neff for Advertising Age. Originally published on September 26, 2016.