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Tuesday, 18/10/16

Rachel Brook named 2016 Agency Innovator by The Internationalist

Thirty men and women from agencies throughout the world were chosen from several hundred nominations.

This year's INNOVATORS are transforming our concepts of a contemporary advertising agency business. This extraordinary group of 30 individuals from all corners of the globe are embracing change and making a difference for their agencies and for their clients. Today, innovation is integral to so many new disciplines that underscore the breadth of expanding agency responsibilities- content creation, programmatic buying, analytics, strategy, ecommerce, mobility, as well as creative, media, digital, and, of course, inspirational leadership that embraces future vision. INNOVATORS underscore how breakthrough thinking knows no bounds of geography, age, company size, or title within today's agency organizations.

Rachel Brook, Managing Partner, Head of Advanced Analytics

Rachel Brook would be the first to admit that our industry is becoming increasingly more complex given today's data overload. Yet, she believes there are no big data excuses. "We simply have to continue to make sense of it and leverage it in smart ways,"

Rachel sees her role as Managing Partner and Head of Advanced Analytics at MediaCom as "providing provocation" or challenging the status quo to build confidence through data. While consistency in data may be hard to find, she believes there is huge upside to a standardized language and framework to streamline effort and extract greatest value. According to Rachel, "Every day we push ourselves harder to be more predictive, dynamic and insightful-- essentially to be a client's north star. We should always be maximizing utility and increasing the research ROI."

In fact, Rachel Brook has built a specialized unit at MediaCom that provides the unparalleled ability to ensure analytics outcomes are executed to deliver real business improvements. As a result, MediaCom has become the first agency to fully integrate cross-channel measurement with digital analytics and business consulting. Through Rachel's efforts they are building the next generation of analytic specialists who are also client-facing practitioners. Plus, she's launched a Base Product that offers all clients the promise of increased rigor, insights and accountability. This also translates to deeper relationships, higher retention and organic growth for the agency.

She says, "My goal is to humanize the complex, and to not just give clients something meaningful, but something that they know what to do with. I cut through the data to find the nugget of truth. Many times this means balancing science and creativity - to get to the result and to tell a story of why and what now?"

Rachel is from Huddersfield, England in Yorkshire, and she likes to remind people Sir Patrick Stewart is from the very same town.


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